Giving Tree - Bag Contents

Each year Giving Tree specifies contents designed for winter warmth and school success. All items must be new and age appropriate. If items are group purchased they must be personalized so they do not look identical, taking into consideration gift and color preferences.


2017 Student Bags (recommended 165-250 RMB)

This year, Giving Tree student bags are required to have the following items in them:


Jacket/coat (thick fleece at a minimum)


Thermos (empty)


School supplies kit (4 pens, 4 pencils, ruler, eraser, sharpener, scissors, correction tape, and colored pencils in a pencil case)


Toy or small gift


Story or educational book in Chinese


Approximate Cost (RMB)



Giving Tree Recommended vendors

For bulk/group buying, we suggest Home Sweet Home, a non-profit that provides homeless people with special needs a place to live, skills training, and a job. They can provide clothing, school supplies, and book bags. They have been working with Giving Tree for years --our red and white Giving Tree bags are produced in their workshop over the summer!

+ 86 21 5857 5879