CCS Charities


Community outreach helping people in need and connecting expats to their local community through acts of service.


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If you are interested in volunteering with any of our charities, please fill out our volunteer interest form HERE.


Charity LINK (LINK) is CCS’s newest charity program. Offering workshops, networking opportunities, and connections to resources, it facilitates collaboration, referrals, and growth for charities. In addition to helping charities directly, LINK provides volunteer matching assistance for English speakers looking to give their time to good causes.

The LINK Give It Away for Good list gives people wanting to donate items to charity a curated list across the city.


River of Hearts (ROH), established in 2003, gives people the opportunity to donate items they no longer need, to people that do. Donating items reduces waste and pollution, while also providing needed supplies to victims of natural disasters, the poor, and minorities. 
At least three times per year, Sorting Parties are held where volunteers of all ages come together to sort through, pack, and load donations onto trucks. Donations are distributed to trusted community groups and non-profits both in Shanghai and in the Chinese countryside.
Some items are resold to help raise funds for program costs. Look for the River of Hearts “Buy a Mile Bazaar” at Sorting Parties and community events. Shop to help the environment and those in need. 


Since 2003, Giving Tree has inspired children in need. Donors fill personalized gift bags and hand deliver them to children at migrant schools. 
Goals of Giving Tree:
Provide needed warm clothing and school supplies 
Show love to children of migrant workers
Inspire children to give to others