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Whether you are looking for survival Chinese skills, want to take a tour to Shanghai's Former French Concession, learn to cook a new cuisine, try out a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) class, sharpen your photography skills, or be a Apple/Mac guru, Community Center Shanghai (CCS) has the class for you!  Taking classes at CCS is a great way to engage with the communitiy, make new friends, and enrich your life! Please check out the classes and tours below.

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Our Unique and Professional Chinese Language Program

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#CCS Tours – Informative and interesting!

Each month CCS offers different tours to introduce you to new places and aspects of life in Shanghai. All the tours have been developed specifically for expats, and are offered to fit around your busy lifestyle. On the tours you will have an opportunity to meet like-minded people and develop new friendships.

  • Join a cultural tour and explore the local culture in hidden lanes and alleys.
  • Escape to nearby historic towns to get away from the city. 
  • Explore the many hidden treasures in and around Shanghai.
  • Join a shopping trip to discover the diverse and interesting markets in town.  


Take the stress out of planning trips for visiting friends or family  

Community Center Shanghai (CCS) also offers private tours. If you are interested, please send the dates, times, number of attendees, and the areas that you would like to visit, and we will arrange the tour guides for you, your family, or friends. For more details, please contact our class coordinator at


#Our Unique and Successful Chinese Language Programs:

At CCS, our most famous programs are the core Chinese learning classes. They are developed by our experienced Chinese teaching professionals, and have proven successful for 12 years with a very practical approach catered specifically to expats wanting to have efficient and survival Chinese to get them off the ground. 

Top 4 Reasons Expats Choose to Learn Chinese at CCS:

  • Tailor-made Chinese lessons that cover a variety of practical topics  (how to talk with taxi drivers, how to order food in restaurants).
  • Wide curriculum with varied choices from practical Chinese (beginning and intermediate levels), Chinese characters, HSK/BCT test preparation, and language field trips.
  • Interactive and participatory learning approach in classrooms.
  • Classes infused with Chinese culture.


#Our Teachers:

Community Center Shanghai employs the best teachers in their area of expertise. The Center interviews, reviews credentials, and asks for demo classes. Regular feedback and professional training allow our teachers to continue to perfect their teaching effectiveness.



Registration is done online with payment options either in cash at CCS centers, or payng online through Alipay (a  secure payment system similar to Pay Pal) that allows you to use your Chinese bank debit or credit card or credit to pay in RMB. For more instructions on how to register and sign up for Alipay, click Here


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