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Welcome to The Community Center Shanghai Counseling Services

We are here to support the members of Shanghai's international community. In addition to the exciting and enriching aspects that come with living and working in this city, we know that people can also sometimes feel overwhelmed while living here.

Many times a combination of several issues seem to surface simultaneously and create temporary, intense stresses and/or crises. Most clients are high functioning, well-organized individuals and families who find our services useful in coping with a difficult period in their lives.

If you find yourself or someone you care for in a position of need, please call the counseling phone at: 136.3631.7474, Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm, or email us at counseling@communitycenter.cn. We are here to help you!


What are some of the most common problems our clients encounter in Shanghai?


Cultural Transition and Culture Shock

Many foreigners do not speak Mandarin on arrival, and as a result:

  • Cannot easily find their way around the city 
  • Find it hard to get the right products
  • Feel uncertain about how to approach others
  • Feel uncertain about what to expect from local people

The differences in values and customs, combined with a lack of routine, may create a feeling of being in a vacuum without knowing where to turn.


Heightened Anxiety and Depression

For professionals, the expectations from their company, the fast pace of doing business in Asia, and the hectic schedule working in different time zones can contribute to higher stress levels. For supporting spouses, a change of professional identity and loss of a support network may involve unexpected feelings of emptiness and a process of grieving. Children may feel pressure to achieve in a very different school system and to quickly make new friendships.


Child/Parenting Issues

While most children seem to adapt well to life in Shanghai, quite a few families find that while one or several of their children are doing well, one child may seem unhappy or cause problems. Children's expression of unhappiness may take many forms: becoming withdrawn, acting out or being shy, showing aggressive behavior at home or in school, slipping grades, or an inability to keep friends. For teens, there's the added challenge regarding social life, responding to situations that involve alcohol and other drugs, together with the development of their own (sexual) identity.


Marriage Relations (including pre-marital counseling)

With the challenges of living in a foreign country and not having the the same resources from home, marriage and family life can become a major target for tension. Working spouses may lack time and energy to contribute at home the way they did previously both emotionally and practically. Their partners can feel disappointed in their expectations, and become lonely and resentful for carrying the primary responsibility of running a home and family. Any of these issues make a marriage vulnerable to feelings of isolation, sexual problems/affairs, declining communication, and intimacy.



When stress levels are high, "escape" may become an attractive alternative instead of a healthy balancing of your physical, emotional, and spiritual life. This escape can take many forms: alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, marital infidelities and more.


What Can CCS Counseling Services Do For You?

We offer a team of international, highly educated, and experienced counselors and clinical psychologists. Our team members come from countries around the world, and offer sessions in multiple languages. Each counselor has her or his professional expertise and personal approach to therapy. This includes behavioral, cognitive, narrative, play and systems therapy. For a profile on our counselors, click on the link below.