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Directions to Community Center Shanghai-Hongqiao Center in English


  1. Take Cheng Jia Qiao Zhi Road next to City Shop.
  2. Walk down this road for about 400 meters. (You will see a row of restaurants on your left and one of them is called Souper Fresh.) Then walk straight to the small bridge.
  3. Cross the bridge. The building, Zhi Di Edifice, is on your left side. (Origym is on 2nd floor.)
  4. CCS Hongqiao is inside a big white building, Zhi Di Edifice, on the F (4th) Floor.


  1. Closest metro station. Longxi Station, Metro Line 10.
  1. Take Exit No.2
  1. When you get out you are on Hongqiao Road, you need to turn right and walk to Hongmei Road (5 minutes). Turn right on to Hongmei Road and keep walking down. (Follow directions above)
  1. Taxi will take about 10 minutes.

Directions to Community Center Shanghai-Hongqiao Center in Chinese

  • 最近的地铁:十号线,龙溪路站,2号口
  • 出站搭乘出租车:约需10分钟。
  • 出站步行:
  1. 地铁站在虹桥路上,出站后右转,到达虹桥路虹梅路十字路口;
  2. 右转沿着虹梅路一直走,路过虹桥珍珠城;
  3. 看到虹梅路上的城市超市(City Shop)后右转,进入程家桥支路;
  4. 沿着陈家桥支路一直走你会看到你的左手边有很多餐厅,其中一家名为Souper Fresh餐厅;
  5. 继续直行你会看到一座小桥;
  6. 过桥后在你的左侧,有一座白色大厦,智地大厦,我们的办公室就在这里(Origym健身房在2楼)
  7. 上F(4)楼即可。
Zhidi Edifice, Floor F (4th Floor), Room F07, No. 201 Cheng Jia Qiao Zhi Rd (close to Hongmei Rd, 400m away from City Shop) 上海虹桥程家桥支路201号智地大厦F楼(4楼)F07室(靠近虹梅路,离城市超市400米)
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9 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday
(021) 6406 4276 and (021) 6406 4214

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