About CCS

Mission and Vision

Community Center Shanghai (CCS) is a not-for-profit organization with centers strategically located within Shanghai's international communities in Hongqiao, Minhang, and Pudong.

CCS responds to the ever-changing needs of the community by providing relevant programming that equips individuals and families to maximize their potential while in China. Community Center Shanghai bridges the cultural gap by offering opportunities to give and serve through our charitable programs, providing useful and enriching classes, practical and educational tours, essential orientations, professional counseling, and volunteer opportunities.

We are simply your home away from home!


Community Center Shanghai provides:

  • Support for persons during times of transition and crisis, connecting them to appropriate resources such as personal counseling, coaching, and/or mentoring.
  • Activities, classes, and social events for families, couples, and individuals that encourage community building, personal growth, and development.
  • Training for business leaders on corporate social responsibility and connections and opportunities for companies to invest in places of need.
  • Opportunities for individuals to share their hobbies, experiences, and expertise with others.
  • Weekend activities and community building events for adults, families, and children.
  • Supportive activities and resources for couples and marriages.
  • Cross-cultural training for business leaders, plus orientation and training for doing business in Shanghai


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