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Carrie Jones

is the Director of Counseling for Shanghai Community Center. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from the state of Texas, USA. She has a Master's Degree in Social Work from Baylor University. In Texas, she worked in a number of settings including a family counseling center, a substance abuse center, and several schools, and has also worked in an international school here in Shanghai.

Carrie specializes in working with children and adolescents, but also is available to work with adults on a broad range of issues including cultural adjustment and transition, family and relationship issues, grief and loss, substance abuse, anxiety, stress, depression, and mental illness. Carrie has experience in working with both adults and adolescents struggling with eating disorders, and is a firm believer in family-based therapy. She is also dedicated to helping couples improve their relationships, and has experience in marriage and couples counseling. In addition to individual and family counseling, Carrie also has experience in leading support groups, crisis and trauma intervention.

Carrie is available to counsel at the Community Center Shanghai Pudong Center. For more information about Carrie and her counseling style, please visit  Language:  English.

Scott Shen

is a Licensed Social Worker who grew up in Shanghai and who spent several years in Ohio for graduate school and employment. He has a Masters Degree in Social Work from Ohio State University and has worked with children, adolescents, and their families through several counseling agencies. Scott has extensive experience in individual and family therapy, dealing with a broad range of issues including attention deficit, hyperactivity, defiance, depression, anger management, grief and loss, stress, self-esteem and family relationship issues. Scott understands that various issues and difficulties do not define clients and that each individual or family has their own set of unique strengths and resources. This knowledge helps Scott aid clients in addressing their issues and in finding solutions together with them. He appreciates the differences between cultures and understands that living in a cross-cultural environment impacts every aspect of an individual's life and family dynamics. Scott focuses on the use of mindfulness techniques and other client-centered psychotherapy models to assist his clients in addressing the stress they encounter daily.

Scott is available at both Community Center Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong Centers during the evenings and weekends, and at the Downtown Counseling Center in Puxi.  Languages:  Mandarin, English, Shanghainese.

Felice Soo, Clinical PsyD 


Dr. Soo earned her Master's and Doctor of Psychology degrees in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University (AIU). She completed training rotations at Christian Action (working with immigrants, refugees, or people with less-privileged), KELY Support (working with adolescents and students), and St. John Cathedral Counselling Center in Hong Kong, as well as the Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore. She is a registered/licensed psychologist with New Zealand Psychologist Board and a certified/licensed practitioner in Singapore with Association of Psychotherapist and Counsellors Singapore (APACS). She is also a registered member of American Psychological Association (APA), registered clinical psychologist of Hong Kong Association of Doctors in Clinical Psychology (HKADCP) and a Clinical Member of Shanghai International Mental Health Association (SIMHA). She has a diverse international background and more than 5 years of clinical experiences working with diverse population, including expats from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and UK as well as residents from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, and Philippines. She works with adults and LGBT individuals and her expertise is in areas of grief, depression-anxiety disorder, trauma, psychosomatic issues, domestic violence and interpersonal issue. Her primary approach is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and she also utilizes a postmodern collaborative approach such as solution-focused therapy, mindfulness-based approach and positive psychology to best meet the needs of clients.

Location:  Dr. Soo offers individual adult therapy appointments at the Downtown Counseling Center in Puxi and Community Center Shanghai Pudong Center.  She is available Tuesday through Friday 10a.m. to 5p.m., and two Saturdays of the month. 

Languages: English, Mandarin.

Availability: Dr. Soo is away for maternity leave in December and will resume her practice in April 2018.


Wendy Li

is a licensed counseling psychologist from Taiwan. She has a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Massachusetts Boston, USA and has worked in many settings including hospitals, day treatment programs, and mental health associations.  Wendy has several years of professional experience in a university student counseling center and also working with children and adolescents in schools. Her primary approach is narrative therapy and she also utilizes a postmodern collaborative approach, solution-focused therapy, and positive psychology to best meet the needs of clients. 

Wendy is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m., and and Monday through Thursday, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m., at the Downtown Counseling Center and also at the Community Center Shanghai Pudong.  Languages:  Mandarin and English.

Theresa Decker

is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from Chicago, IL, USA and holds a Master of Arts in Family Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University. She works with couples, families, and individual adults.  Theresa views clients from family-systems and developmental perspectives. Her experience in couples counseling ranges from pre-marital counseling and adjustment issues, to recovering from infidelity. In addition to helping families with adjustment, behavioral, and school-based issues, she is knowlegeable in assisting families with grief and trauma, chronic medical and emotional issues, and adoption issues. Theresa also see adults with depression, anxiety, adjustment concerns, and the desire for personal growth. Theresa's approach varies based on the client situation and goals. She is influenced by emotionally-focused couples therapy, solution-focused and strategic therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Theresa is married and the mother of six grown children. She at one time worked as an electrical engineer and holds a B.S.E.E from Northwestern University. 

Theresa is available to see clients at the Downtown Counseling Center in Puxi.  Language: English.

Hifumi Ohnishi, Ph.D.

is a licensed psychologist (Michigan, USA) with 15 years of counseling experience.  She earned her Ph.D degree in counseling psychology with a specialization in multicultural counseling from University of Connecticut, USA.  

Dr. Ohnishi’s theoretical orientation is an integration of multicultural, psychodynamic, and humanistic perspectives.  She is a native of Japan and worked at a mental health center and university counseling centers in the USA. She provides individual and couple counseling for adults from international backgrounds. Her expertise is in the areas of cross-cultural relationships, cultural transition, relationship problems, LGBTQ concerns, career, depression, mood, anxiety, and adjustment issues including clinical assessment and diagnosis.  

Dr. Ohnishi is available to see clients on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the downtown counseling center in Puxi. Languages: English and Japanese.

Javiera Rébora

is a psychologist from Chile with a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Andres Bello University. She has worked in a private clinical practice in Chile, at the National Family Center, and also as a kindergarten counselor and psychologistSpecializing in depression, anxiety, self-esteem and identity, grief and loss, and stress, Javiera works with both adults and adolescents. Javiera also does child therapy, including psychodiagnostic work, play therapy, verbal therapy, parental counselling, helping children with school refusal, and managing emotions, conflicts, and struggles. She also helps clients of all ages facing cultural adjustments and transitional difficulties.  Javiera's primary way of thinking about her clients is from a psychodynamic approach (psychoanalytically oriented), which focuses on the unconscious processes that influence one's way of thinking and behaving. For each case, she adapts and implements various psychological techniques that best suit her client’s needs.

Javiera is available Monday through Friday at both the Community Center Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao Centers, and at the Downtown Counseling Center in Puxi. Currently she is only available to work with Spanish speaking clients.

Dr John K. Miller

works as a professor of therapy in the US and China and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the US.  He has been working in China for the past 10 years.  He has been in clinical practice for the past 25 years, specializing in couples and family therapy as well as individual therapy.  His philosophy and approach to treatment considers the context in which problems occur and the relationships between the people involved.  With this in mind, he will occasionally ask for family and significant others to participate in treatment (only with your consent).  This therapy embraces a “wellness” approach to treatment, and encourages clients to explore existing strengths and resources.  Dr. Miller earned his Ph.D. in Child and Family Development with a specialization in Family Therapy from Virginia Tech.  He also holds a MA in Family Therapy from the University of Louisiana, as well as a BA in Psychology.  This education included coursework on couples therapy, family and child relationships, human sexuality, psychopathology, adult and child development, hypnosis, group psychotherapy, systems theory, and substance abuse counseling.  He is a former US Fulbright Senior Research Scholar to China (2009-2010), former Research Associate of the Mental Research Institute (MRI), a former president of the Oregon Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (OAMFT) and a Clinical Member of the American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA), the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), and the International Family Therapy Association (IFTA).  He has served on the Board of Directors of the AAMFT, as well as other leadership positions in the US.  Dr. Miller is also an Approved Supervisor (AAMFT), supervising other therapists’ clinical work leading to licensure.  Dr. Miller is available to see clients and clinical supervisees at the Downtown Counseling Center in Puxi.  Language: English 

Sharon Lui

comes from the United States and holds a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Bethel Seminary San Diego. She has completed certificate courses in PREPARE/ENRICH for marital and pre-marital counseling. Originally from Hong Kong, she is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Sharon is experienced in working with substance dependence, and anxiety issues.

Sharon is available to counsel at the Community Center Shanghai Hongqiao Center.

Leo Lazo

is a Professional Counselor from South Carolina, USA. He holds a Master's degree in Counseling from Columbia International University. Originally from Cuba, Leo grew up in the States and has lived in Shanghai for 18 years. Leo adopts cognitive and behavioral approaches in counseling. He specializes in working with children and adolescents, but is also available to work with adults on a broad range of topics including marital, family, and relationship issues, grief and loss, anxiety, stress, depression, and mental illness.

Leo is available at the Community Center Shanghai Hongqiao Center Tuesday- Fridays evenings beginning at 6:30 pm, Saturday all day, and Sunday from 3:00 - 6:00 pm. Languages:  English and Spanish.


Azin Nasseri, PhD.

Dr. Nasseri is a Canadian with a diverse international background and work experience. He completed his Doctoral Studies in Chicago, USA, and has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Switzerland, with a focus and advanced training in Marriage Counseling and Conflict-Free Conflict Resolution (CFCR).  Dr. Nasseri specializes in marriage and family counseling and has over 14 years of experience in clinical psychology. He integrates cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and positive psychology in addressing the mental health needs of his clients.

Dr. Nasseri is available  at the Community Center Shanghai Hongqiao Center.  Language:  English

Dr. Nasseri is not currently accepting new clients.





Laura Ruesjas-Lukasik

is originally from Argentina and has lived in various countries for the last 20 years. She is currently finishing her Clinical Psychology Doctorate (PsyD in Psychology) at California Southern University, US, and holds a Certificate in Psychology from Derby University in the UK. She also holds a Master of Science degree from U.C. Berkeley and a M. Arch from McGill University.  Her Clinical PsyD thesis deals with understanding issues of loss of identity of expatriate women who follow their working partners in international assignments, and how this affect their mental health. 


As part of her training, Laura has been prepared to diagnose, identify, and treat various psychological conditions. She believes her role as a counselor is to guide a process of change initiated by her clients. This involves using several evidence-based psychotherapy technique approaches focusing on solving current problems and working from the client's strengths. She is well informed about the latest neuropsychology research, as well as therapeutic approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which help explain feelings and emotions her clients bring to therapy sessions. Laura is able to work with children, adolescents, and adults, on a broad range of issues, keeping in mind the important impact that expatriate life brings to everyone. Laura brings to the counselling practice her experience as an expat herself, and raising two teenage boys. 

Laura is available to meet clients at the Minghang Community Center and is able to provide services in certain schools.

Languages: English, Spanish, and French.


Maria Castaneda Reich

is originally from Bogotá, Colombia and has lived in Shanghai with her husband for nearly a decade. Their 2 children, aged 5 and 6, were born in Shanghai. 

She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology (Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia), a Master’s Degree in Primary Education (University of Alabama, United States) and a diploma in Marriage and Couples Counseling from Escuela Vasco Navarra de Terapia Familiar and Hospital de St. Creu (Bilbao and Barcelona, Spain). 

Over the past fifteen years, she has worked in four international schools as a Special Needs Education teacher assisting families and children finding their strengths. For the past three years, she has worked as a family and couples counselor. She uses a Family Therapy approach which focuses on how relationships can help us handle life situations better.

Maria is passionate about family welfare and relationships. She loves to guide women, children and couples to find peace, balance, and to live a more fulfilling life. 

Languages:  English, Spanish

Location:  Community Center Shanghai Pudong Center.


Stephanie Watters

graduated from the University of Newcastle (Australia) in 2014 with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), and is currently completing a Master of Counselling through Monash University (Australia). Steph is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society and her honours thesis research on the role of early life events on anxiety and pain was published in the Frontiers in Neuroscience journal.

Steph has worked in a range of mental health settings in Shanghai, and has training and experience in counselling children, adolescents, and adults on a range of concerns including stress, low mood, relationship issues, and learning difficulties. She uses evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in counselling to address client concerns.

Steph is available for individual therapy appointments at Community Center Shanghai Pudong and at the Downtown Counseling Center in Puxi. Language: English.


Evonne Wee

is a Canadian Certified Counselor and a Florida Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern with a Master’s degree in Counseling from Palo Alto University.  

Originally from Singapore, she lived in Los Angeles, California for 14 years before settling down in Shanghai, China. Standing at the confluence of culture from the East and West, she is able to leverage her experience to help clients adapt and thrive cross-culturally. Evonee has worked with diverse client populations for the past 20 years including youth, clients with developmental disabilities, and clients in substance abuse recovery.

Working primarily from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Evonne assists clients facing marriage and family issues, addictions, cultural adjustment, depression and anxiety.

Evonne is available M-F, 9-4, at Community Center Shanghai Hongqiao Center, the Downtown Counseling Center in Puxi and the Community Center Shanghai Pudong Center.  Language:  English, Mandarin.

Monika van Wyk

Monika is from Germany and holds a Master`s Degree in Psychology from the University of Konstanz (Germany) and is pursuing her Masters of Advanced Studies in Psychotherapy at the University of Bern (Switzerland).  She focuses on cognitive behavioral and interpersonal therapy and also includes methods from other approaches that have been empirically proven to be successful.

Monika offers support to clients experiencing difficult stages in life, anxiety, feelings of sadness and hopelessness, and high levels of stress. Her experience as HR consultant and the research she conducted during her studies in the field of layoff fear and adaptability also help her to understand the growing demands of current work environments, the rising expectations and pressure to achieve that companies exert on their employees, and the resulting effects it may have on employees’ mental and physical well-being as well as on their families.  As an expatriate herself and a mother of young children trying to adapt to a new culture without the comfort of the established social network back home, Monika can relate to the problems and challenges her clients face in daily life and understand the suffering it can cause.

Monika is available to counsel at Community Center Shanghai HongQiao and at the Downtown Counseling Center in Puxi.  Languages:  German, English.

Bryce Dann 

Bryce Dann is a Canadian Certified Counselor, from Toronto, Canada, with a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Palo Alto University, California.   

Bryce utilizes an integrative approach to counseling including cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), positive psychology and family systems, as well as emotionally focused therapy (EFT) and the unity-based family approach for couples. He sees individuals, as well as couples, and parents with children.   

Having lived in China for 10 years (as of Aug. 2017), Bryce is fluent in Mandarin and sees Mandarin-speaking clients. Also, being in a cross-cultural marriage himself (Canadian and Chinese), he has firsthand knowledge and experience in processing challenges in cross-cultural marriages.   

Bryce is available at the Downtown Counseling Center, Pudong Center, Hongqiao Center, and Minhang Center. 

Languages: English and Mandarin. 

Haibo Ma 

Haibo Ma is a Chinese counseling practitioner who grew up in Sichuan Province and who earned his Bachelor's Degree in Applied Psychology in Shaanxi province.  He then spent two years learning counseling skills and approaches through Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology (CSPP) at the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities in the U.S. and returned to Shanghai with his Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Haibo is familiar with the experiences of both culture shock and reverse culture shock.  His primary counseling approach is DBT(Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), integrated with person-centered and psychodynamic approaches.  Haibo specializes in working with adults who suffer from mood disorders including depression and anxiety and also those with borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Haibo is available all week, daytime and evenings, and sees clients at all Community Center locations. 

Languages: Mandarin, English, Sichuanese 



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