2018 Open House

Welcome to our 2018 Open House

Whether you have just arrived in Shanghai or are returning from holidays, Commuity Center Shanghai (CCS) welcomes you! The Open House each year is a great opportunity to meet our staff and teachers and to see demonstrations of some of our popular classes. Find out activities, classes, and networking events for families, couples and individuals that encourage our international community building, personal growth and development. You are free to share hobbies, talents, expertise here to get connected with the community. Enjoy light refreshments, gift vouchers and meet old &  new friends!

Dates and Locations

Minhang Center
10 am - 2 pm, Jan 26
Address: 360 Xing Le Rd, 2nd Floor, HuaCao Town, Minhang
Tel: (021) 6406-3866
Pudong Center
10 am - 2 pm, Mar 9
Address: 1146 Biyun Rd, Tower A, 3rd Floor, Jinqiao, Pudong
Tel: (021) 3382-1770
Hongqiao Center
10 am  - 2 pm, TBD
Address: Zhidi Edifice, Floor F (4th Floor), Room F07, No. 201 Cheng Jia Qiao Zhi Rd
Tel: (021) 6406-4276
Fee: Free