2018 Parent Organization Mixer

Stay Tuned for 2018 Parent Organization Mixers



Community Center Shanghai (CCS)'s Parent Organization Mixer is held twice a year with the purpose of bringing together parent leaders (presidents and leaders of PTA, PTSO, PAFA etc.) of international schools to discuss topics that concern the community. CCS values the efforts parent leaders dedicate to the development of their schools, and understand the time commitment of these roles. Through the Parent Organization Mixers, Community Center Shanghai offers attendees valuable insights brought by our certified counselors and other professionals that can further develop the mixer attendee’s roles in their school community.


Parent Organization Mixer

Date: TBD, 2018

Time: 9 - 11 am (Welcome at 8:30 am)

Location: Pudong and Puxi


By invitation only

Please email communityrelations@communitycenter.cn for more information.


Review of 2017 Parent Organization Mixer

Topic of discussion was of the Chinese non-expatriate parent population in an international school environment. CCS and schools have noticed an increase in local Chinese parents sending their children to international schools. This has impacted communication, social circles, expectations, and education within many schools’ communities. Expatriates can play an influential role in bringing these communities closer together. In the event’s workshop, we examined differences, needs, and tools for change with insights from CCS counselor Elisabetta Maglio. During the mixer, attendees discussed their experiences and how the changing demographics impacted and affected and impacted their own schools.


Representatives from SSIS, SAS, WISS, YCIS, SLAS, and Dulwich schools attended this event.

Thank you to Epermarket, which provided snacks and refreshments, and Truck Stop Grill for sponsoring lunch