2017 - 2018 Shanghai 123

2017 - 2018 Shanghai 123



About Shanghai 123


Shanghai 123 is a grassroots initiative led by the local international community. Designed for individuals and families during their most critical period-with less than 6 months experience in Shanghai, Shanghai 123 is a free half-day orientation showcasing community volunteer talent who talk about common challenges, answer questions, and provide practical resources and tips. A light breakfast, lunch, and childcare for children 2-12 years old is provided free of charge.
Launched in 2008 with the help of Michelle Wright, an expat from the USA, the idea grew organically as an initiative recognizing the need for a not-for-profit, non-partisan platform for sharing resources and tips. Relying 100% on excellent speakers and clear messages/lessons, the program grew to form what we proudly call Shanghai 123, bringing the international community the basics of what is needed for a soft landing in Shanghai.

Where and When


At our three center locations in Pudong, Hongqiao and Minhang - Saturdays, from 9:00-12:30
Pudong: Aug 5 -  Aug 26  -  Sep 16  -  Jan 12 (2018)
Hongqiao: Aug 12  -  Sep 9
Minhang: Aug 19  -  Sep 9
Downtown Puxi: Sep 2  -  Jan 13 (2018)

What is Covered


• Adjusting to your new environment, culture shock
• Air and water concerns plus food safety
• How to navigate the medical system
• Workplace challenges and finding work/life balance
• Resources, opportunities, supporting spouse topics
• Internet, mobile phones, satellite TV, and more!

How to Sign Up


Registrations open in May.



Shanghai 123 is free because of the generous support of our sponsors. Their contributions to the Community Center Shanghai shows their interest in supporting you and the community. 
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact promotions@communitycenter.cn