2018 Community Talk

Stay Tuned for our 2018 Community Talks




New Series Launched in 2017: Community Talk

From September of 2017 onwards, the community talk will serve as a service platform for corporates to introduce products and services of interest to the international community. Specialists, leaders and entrepreneurs are gathered to bring valuable information and practical knowledge to the community members. Topics will cover various aspects in life such as charities, international school insights, medical care and well-being. This talk is held monthly at one of Community Center Shanghai's centers (Pudong, Hongqiao or Minhang).


Sep 12, 2017 : "Are You Okay?" by Lifeline Shanghai

Established in 2004, Lifeline Shanghai remains the one and only English speaking crisis/helpline service in Mainland China. The 100% volunteer-based organization offers an anonymous, confidential service providing information, emotional support and referrals to appropriate professionals 10 am - 10 pm everyday.


"Are You Okay?"

Meaningful conversations with friends, family and work colleagues can play a vital role in supporting someone who we are concerned about. Learning what, how and when to ask someone who appears to be struggling, "Are you okay?” could possibly save a life but more commonly it can decrease feelings of disconnection and loneliness.

In this talk, you will be introduced to Lifeline Shanghai and learn about the suicide prevention program R U OK?. This practical approach, suitable in both personal and professional situations, encourages all of us to support someone who we care about.

Through discussion, demonstration and interaction, participants will begin to understand the 4 step R U OK? approach – Ask – Listen – Encourage Action – Check In. Participants will recognize the life changing power of caring conversations.

This free talk is designed for people of all ages.