2018 - 2019 Shanghai 123

2018 - 2019 Shanghai 123 Orientations


What is Shanghai 123? Making Shanghai as easy as 1...2...3!

Shanghai 123 is a free immersive half-day orientation catering towards those who are new to the countless initial puzzles of Shanghai. Shanghai 123 will provide new arrivals with all the information and resources they need to help them navigate Shanghai. We will discuss common issues, answer questions, and share tips for a new life in Shanghai. Each year, hundreds attend Shanghai 123 and leave with an essential foundation for living in this dynamic city.

Shanghai 123 has been started over 10 years ago. Since then it has grown into a strong program for new arrivals that shouldn’t be passed up.

Lunch, and childcare for children ages 2-12 will be provided free of charge.




              • Shanghai 101 
              • Managing Culture shock
              • Medical System in Shanghai
              • Air & Water Concerns
              • Food Safety
              • Tech and Apps Necessities
              • Travel in China
              • Adjusting to a New Work Life
              • Adjusting to a New Family Life


Visit the following link and fill out the registration form at: www.sojump.hk/jq/15038865.aspx