River of Hearts - Sorting Parties


Our next sorting party will be on October 22nd at Concordia International High School. Sign up to volunteer HERE or email us at charity@communitycenter.cn

*Note: The October Sorting party date has been changed from the original schedule of October 15th 

Concordia Address: 

999 Mingyue Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China

Elementary School Gym


ROH’s flagship event is the Sorting Party. Over 40 sorting parties have been held, averaging 3 per year. Hundreds of volunteers come together to run a bazaar that raises much needed funds for transport and prepare donations for shipping by sorting, packing, and loading trucks. 
A testimonial from student Fayme Tanoko at our June 7, 2014 event:
ROH was the first charity event I joined in China. It was such a great time. I had a lot of fun. It reminds me once again to be thankful with what I have and to help others as much as we can. All the people who were helping were so kind and friendly. I really enjoyed my time there.